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At Solace we are proud of our results. We have big, clear consistent photographs showing the results that our patients are getting time and time again. We do not have to resort to misleading hairstyles or inconsistent lighting to skew the actual results. Solace have more hair transplant patients that have personally documented their experiences on ...View full description


  1. Hair loss has become a major problem for many people nowadays. Solace is providing the best solution to all of them. At Solace you can consult the best hair transplant surgeon in Pune. you will get the best consultation on benefits and after effects of hair transplant. The experienced surgeon will give you proper treatment and make you feel more co...see full story

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    1. Good clinic best results

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      1. I visited the hair restoration clinic in Pune when I was struggling with hair loss. These guys are very professional and friendly. It´s been 6 months since I had the transplant and the results are amazing. I got my natural hairline back and life´s good now. I highly recommend this hair restoration clinic in Pune to anyone suffering from hair loss...see full story

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        1. Going bald at an early age was becoming a huge cause for my insecurity. Then one of my uncle told me about Solace Hair clinic. I was surprised to see such amazing results in such a small amount of time Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for an instant hair transplant in Pune.

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